Lux Automation Process Automation Control Panel

The entire spectrum of automation engineering

Whether it’s the steel, aluminium or automotive industry, every sector operates according to very specific requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience in all of these sectors, we’re well aware of this and can meet them all with proven solutions. In the course of this, our expertise ranges from the installation of new components to the integration of new, level 2 software as well as from refitting existing plants for meeting changing performance and safety requirements to provisioning entirely new facilities.

  • Bus systems (field bus, profi bus, ProfiNet, Modbus, Profisafe etc.)
  • Hardware design (E-Plan, ELCAD, RUPLAN)
  • Drive control systems (Simatic TDC, FM458)
  • PLC systems (Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Converteam, Rockwell etc.)
  • Visualisation systems (LUX PRODAVIS, Win CC, InTouch, ArchestrA etc.)
  • Process control systems (PCS7, Control IT)

For each phase in the production process