Lux Automation Solutions Overview Green Lights

Your problem is our challenge

Is your problem a little bit more complex? Are you even having trouble defining your optimization needs, let alone working out how they can be solved? We start by framing a statement of your exact needs and then working out the answers in cooperation with you. Whether it’s a new plant or plant modernisation: LUX Automation can develop exactly the right power, drive, process and control technology needed. Our many years of experience and highly innovative strength enable us to make your production and logistics processes much more efficient. We will simultaneously ensure that your plant meets all safety rules and is always state-of-the-art.

  • Determining client needs
  • Mutually defining system requirements
  • Drafting solutions
  • Designing safety technology
  • Integrating specifications
  • Coordinating implementation
  • Getting everything started

From the first consultation to getting everything up and running

Precise coordination of the requirements is always the main consideration before undertaking any project. That’s why a comprehensive consultation and design phase in close cooperation with our client precedes every project. You tell us your production needs and goals and together we can draft solution-related specifications. After agreeing on individual standards and specifications, we plan the project management in detail, matching every project team to the task in question.

Before the implementation process is feasible, it is essential to clarify all interfaces to adjoining plants, to make all due allowances for engineering peculiarities and to draft a binding timetable. In the implementation phase, we install all system components on time and in compliance with all applicable standards before commissioning your plant. In the process, we pay close attention to preventing other operations from being affected as much as possible.

This is followed by drafting comprehensive documentation and training your staff in operating the new plant. We then perform service and maintenance at regular intervals so that you can rely on long term, trouble-free operation.


Project running